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Solo Shows

2016 Artist of the month (May) at the Mattress Factory museum of contemporary art, Pittsburgh, PA

2014 "Vomitorium" at Remedy, Pittsburgh, Pa

2014 “Monsters are real” debut photography show, Artisan Tattoo and Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

2012 “The last heartbeat" 19 Karen Gallery, Queensland, Australia

2010 “I dream about sharks”, Modern Formations, USA


Group shows

2016 "Merge" at the Sanderson Hotel, London, UK curated by Kevin Wilson of Vin+Omi

2016 Lascaux gallery at Rogue Space, NY, NY

2016 Percolate gallery, Pittsburgh, PA

2016 Spring Salon at Gallery 4, Pittburgh, PA

2015 Mendelson Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA

2015 Most Wanted Fine Art (Waterfront) - 143 W. Bridge Street, Homestead PA

2014 A Tribute to Michael Jackson's 10 Best Film Clips

On display at the Sofitel Gold Coast, Australia

2014 One of the winners selected for Gallery 4’s “Spring Salon” Pittsburgh, PA

2012 “Do Anything” Space for Art, San Diego, CA

2012 "Homage to Hollywood" 19 Karen, Queensland, Australia

2012 "The art of Spain" 19 Karen, Queensland, Australia

2012 “Open theme” The Hive Gallery, Los angeles, CA USA

2012 “Circus Circus” The Hive Gallery, Lost Angeles, CA, USA

2009 “On Echo River” Unicorn Mountain group show, Mendelson Gallery, USA

2009 “Spring Salon” 2nd place winner, Modern Formations, USA

2009 “Inaugural Exhibit” Art:Raw Gallery, New York, USA

2008-2010 “Random group shows” Autobody Fine Art Gallery, Alameda, CA, USA

2008 “A dream of fair women” LaVie Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA, USA




Dark Beauty magazine 

Elegant Magazine - May 2014

Untitled Publications magazine 

i-D magazine #24_girlswithshorthair featuring my photography with Tyramin jewelry

Photographer for "Queer Seen" at Equal Magazine, published monthly

"Steer Queer" magazine

Huffington Post - Cher Noble interview


Untitled Publications magazine 

Catapult Magazine issue #12

Interview with Burgh living blog

Interview with CBS local

Unicorn Mountain’s “Black Forest”

Encyclopedia Destructica "Coatlicue 2"


Italian Vogue Jan 2016 - editorial featuring Susanne Bartsch

Face of Victor DeSouza lipstick